Riverdaughter’s Conspiratorial Side

Riverdaughter sometimes likes to play the straight man to some of the more wacky folks at The Confluence, a motley crew that includes birthers among others, but she is at her heart one of the crazies. This morning she let her own little conspiracy crap loose again, though.

Exhibit A:

Why was Le Monde interested in the Obamas in 1996 when he wasn’t even a blip on the radar screen and hadn’t won anything yet? Let’s think about the implications. Le Monde would have had to have known he existed. He was just an obscure Chicago lawyer with no major accomplishments and no election victories under his belt. Who the f%^* would have cared? *I* had won more public offices by 1996 than Obama. Le Monde wasn’t beating my door down for an interview. So, the question is: who has been grooming him and for how long?

Emphasis mine. Silly Riverdaughter, everyone knows the Illuminati have been grooming Obama since the day he was spirited out of Kenya so that they could pretend he was born in Hawaii. The Illuminati are using him to seize the power of the White House in their fight against the lizard-people, who foolishly ran a write in campaign instead of backing their own muslim black man.

In reality, though, this wasn’t an “interview for Le Monde,” it was an interview for a book on American marriages, and the Obamas didn’t even make it into the book. Of course, now the once shelved interview has drawn attention, but the Obamas didn’t really say anything that hasn’t been expressed in either of his books, or what he was saying more publically at the time.

They were discussing how they met, how they lived, and of more interest now, how they were approaching their upcoming life in politics. Conspiratorial PUMAs hoping that he had laid out his secret plan to steal the White House will be sorely disappointed. He was running for state senate in IL, and running for president was a pretty distant thought, if that, at the time.

It’s critical thinking skills like this that also brings us CAUCUS FRAUD! CAUCUS FRAUD! Do PUMAs really not understand why we think they’re so stupid?

10 Responses

  1. Congrats on the new website.

    Looks good so far, I suppose a lot of rump roasters will be dropping in and out for an ocassional fix. Don’t forget to invite the Wonkettes.

  2. pleasepleasepleaseplease write about Murphy’s utterly over the top post comparing the use of the N word to the B word primarily for the secret pleasure of being able to openly call Obama a n****r at the very end. Or is that beyond sillystupid PUMA and into “gasp, WTF, PUMA”? It definitely was for me!

  3. “everyone knows the Illuminati have been grooming Obama since the day he was spirited out of Kenya so that they could pretend he was born in Hawaii.”

    Exactly. I mean isn’t that why the Imam recorded those secret tapes at the time so he could stash them with Chief Editor Korir? (Unfortunately I believe they were washed away in the tidal wave of spam flung at the API site leaving it a shambles of its former self so we will never be able to prove what we all know to be true.)

  4. A new place to make fun of PUMAs! My life is complete. Thank you.

  5. Nice site! I will be commenting here often, PUMA Hunting is my side job!

  6. Oh right the illuminati. Please! Everybody knows that’s BS. The truth is much more simple. Obama, Axlerod, and Plouffe are actually Templars – carrying on a 2,000 year battle with Opus Dei. Idoits! Sheesh.

  7. marindenver, I’ll catch up on that when I get home later. The real world has been busy recently, but I’m catching up!

  8. Yay! A puma-hating site!
    *adds to bookmarks*

  9. Oh crap, it seems the international organisation of European Marxists against women has forgotten to destroy all the evidence… Well it’s too late now Americans, the elections are over, we won!

    Votre maison blanche, c’est à nous!

    We may consider handing it back to you when the last of the Bushes finally dies, our apologies, but we must take decisive action to protect our homeland from terrorists even if it makes us unpopular in small parts of the USA.

  10. Stupid PUMAs have been tryong to spread this “Obama is not helping Kentucky” all day. Of couse they also try and claim they are not race bating.

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