Stupid New PUMA Blog!

Tonight PUMA grand wizard murphy (yeah, I went there!) endorsed a new PUMA blog, plugging it in comments and adding it to the pac’s blogroll. It’s by regular Puma-sf, and it’s about as stupid as all the rest of the PUMA blogs out there.

Briefly checking out Puma Eyes!! I found the same thoughtless verbal diarhea that is the hallmark of 2nd tier PUMA blogs. I swear to god I could write a javascript that would generate blog entries indistinguishable from those on Puma Eyes!! Repitition of the words “unqualified,” “liar,” and “fraud,” deployed with novel spelling and grammer, interspersed with childish and unfunny, and often distasteful nicknames, all accented by excessive punctuation marks. To wit:

We smelled something funky with Obama from Day 1. We saw through his hopey, changey, FRAUD of a campaign. We saw what he was immediately which is nothing more than an empty suit, lying hypocrite.

Emphasis mine. I highlight this passage not only to sample the rhetorical style of Puma-sf, but to point out why we keep calling PUMAs racist. Puma-sf is proudly declaring that PUMAs knew Obama was a funky, unqualified, lying empty suit immediately, from day 1.

I think I’m a fairly quick judge of people, but even I wouldn’t say you can fairly judge those things immediately, on day one. It took a whole weekend to figure out what a fraud Palin was, and that was a pretty cut-and-dry case if ever there was one.

It’s just one more rephrasing of that iconic phrase PUMA phrase “inadequate black male.” It’s all he ever was to them. It didn’t matter what he said, or did, or proposed. Their judgement was as superficial as it was quick.

9 Responses

  1. Meantime, if you asked most PUMAs to name one significant piece of legislation sponsored by Senator Clinton, they would come up blank, I guarantee it. Not necessarily because she didn’t sponsor anything good (Plan B contraception was her finest hour as far as I can tell), but because they don’t actually follow legislation. Just personalities.

  2. Kerry, what are you talking about!?

    Of course the PUMAs follow legislation! I mean, sure, it took them 25 years to realize the ERA never passed, but better late than never, right?


  3. Wait? ERA didn’t PASS?!?!?! OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!?! Why didn’t anyone tell me this OMG I feel so oppressed and angry now that I know this late-breaking news a quarter-century in the making and I hate you people you’re BASTARD PEOPLE and I’m gonna go home and BITE MY PILLOW! HAKA ROAR!

  4. ok you O-SCUM seems seems likie you enjoy targeting PUMAS . mabey ill make you my targets & lets see how you like it .ou want to start a bolg war ill give you war you wont believe

  5. lets see ya try & target me all you O-COWARDS

  6. Oh god no. Anything but a “bolg war!” I’m fresh out of bolgs and won’t be able to get any past the blockade until August at the earliest!

    Spell check: it’s a good thing! Unless of course one simply doesn’t understand anything about standard written English and hence couldn’t begin to understand which words are wrongly spelled and why.

    I’d be askeered, of you, honestly I would, but your lack of functional literacy makes it clear that you are incapable of doing anything but stepping on your own dick. Which, given that it’s only half-an-inch long, is actually rather impressive!

    Seriously: take a remedial literacy course. Then you might actually be employable. Illiterate idiots are never taken seriously, and no one is afraid of them. You’re forever doomed to be the the kid in the back of the room eating paste and smelling like pee. Which of course makes you a perfect match for the Kitty Kaffee Klatschers (KKK).

    As for “Coward,” I’m posting under my real name. So suck my big swinging brass balls, you dickless wonder!

  7. Kerry Reid, come on you can do better than that .Kitty Kaffee Klatschers (KKK. thats a preety lame

  8. If the sheets fit, the PUMAs should wear them.

  9. Where exactly would you like to “get it on,” boogieman?

    Obviously, you’re a runny-nosed masochist who enjoys being prison-ganged, and God knows I could use some fun.

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