That Damn Sexist Ms. Magazine!

ms-bamaThe PUMAs are still up in arms about Ms. Magazine’s choice to put Obama on it’s cover. Over the top claims of misogyny? Check. Ridiculous comparisons to domestic violence? Check. Complete lack of understanding and context? Check. A hilarious email campaign to chastise Ms. Magazine’s staffers as insufficiently feminist? Check yeah!

Lets go through and highlight some of my favorite comments so far!

taggles fails first.

It’s sexist in two ways. he is a superhero out to save the damsel in distress and he is basically showing his physical prowess ripping off his clothes.

I guess taggles isn’t familiar with Superman… First, there is no damsel in distress in this cover. Yes, that was a recurring theme of Superman (circa 1950), but you can’t really write off every invocation of him that way. Second, “showing off his physical prowress” by ripping off his shirt is sexist? Stupid taggles! That’s an iconic image of superman, and Ms. Magazine was making the comparison that way rather than put Obama in the spandex. The point of the cover is to say “look how far feminism has come.” Feminism is no longer a fringe idea, it’s mainstream, and it has an ally powerful figures like Obama.

Pat Johnson always brings the crazy .

What’s next? Phil Spector as a misunderstood true feminist? Give me an effen break. The only thing lacking now in this over the top effusiveness is his nomination by the Academy Awards for his performance as “the best candidate for 2008″. Otherwise he has been deemed “the best of show” in almost every category known to man.

I guess I forgot the part of the campaign when Obama enticed women to come to his home, sexually assaulted them, and eventually murdered one. It’s strange Fox News wasn’t all over that. But hey, it’s not like minimizing sexual assualt and murder is anything new to the PUMAs. Oh, and we don’t have Academy Awards for politicians. The “Best Candidate Award” is granted via elections, and guess what; Obama already won!

Next we have bostonboomer, with some classic PUMA.

Hillary should be on the cover. She is practically the only one in Congress still fighting for women.

Hey good idea bostonboomer! Too bad Ms. already did. I guess any magazine that doesn’t always feature Hillary Clinton on it’s cover is horribly sexist.

Finally, “sam” sneaks one in. I’m not familiar with sam, but he sounds dangerously close to being a fake PUMA. If so, kudos for sneaking this one past the censor kops over there.

Perhaps the poster is aimed at young college girls that don’t know any better?

Hah! I love how feminists trying to align themselves and their movement with a very popular national figure to advance the movements goals is sexist, but this patronizing view of “young college girls who don’t know any better” is perfectly acceptable and common over there!

Stupid PUMAs!

One Response

  1. Bostonboomer has apparently never heard of any of the following women in Congress who tend to vote heavily in favor of women’s issues:

    Jan Schakowsky
    Barbara Boxer
    Diane Feinstein
    Patty Murray
    Maxine Waters
    Debbie Stabenow
    Maria Cantwell

    Oh, but why go on? The only female politician they ever heard about or cared about was Hillary — and they knew about her because of her husband. Yeah. Really knowledgeable feminists over in that joint.

    Of course, Robin Morgan already trotted out the “stupid young whores out to please cock betray feminism by voting for Obama,” but I think that says more about the increasing irrelevance of the entrenched Second Wave hierarchy than about young women and their political proclivities. Because, again, maybe they didn’t think that marriage should be viewed as a resume-building exercise.

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