Fleecing the Flock

51percentbeta1That interminable self-promoter Heidi Li is pushing her “51 Percent” organization over at The Confluence again. This reminds me of my favorite Heidi Li post ever, “51 Percent’s press release attracts more notice; beta-testing a logo.” As you may have guessed, that’s the beta-logo. The funnier part was how Heidi flogged all the “press attention” her new fundraising mechanism organization was receiving, including in such mainstream outlets as The Earth Times, and YubaNet. Of course, all this attention was really just online sites that carry feeds from PRnewswire, where Heidi’s self-written press release went out. That’s some professional PR work there!

Of course, this was all just pretext to announce that 51 percent was accepting donations. In fact, I don’t know if Heidi ever mentions 51 Percent without mentioning that it is accepting donations.

Anyway, here’s your “Stupid PUMA!” Heidi was fuming yesterday over Ms. Magazine crushing on Obama, and she wrote

Because if a feminist looks like President-elect Obama then a feminist looks exactly like somebody who has done nothing, and I do mean nothing, to suggest that he will fight for increased social justice for women.

Hmm. Nothing? Really? You do mean nothing? Didn’t Obama vote for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act back when he was a senator? Yes, yes he did. You know what else is interesting? The motion failed cloture by 4 votes. That’s why it was passed just this week, rather than 8 months ago. You know who didn’t vote for cloture? John McCain.

Hey, I forget, which presidential candidate were the PUMAs supporting?

4 Responses

  1. Hi fellow rubbernecker.

    Good luck with the blog – you’ve made a great start, not least by cross-linking on The Confluence, where a cry to have your link deleted has so far gone unanswered!

  2. Heidi Li is the most insufferable, pretentious PUMA twit since Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild. I mean honestly, who the hell signs BLOG posts “JD, PhD”?

  3. Mega-dittos, Betty Cracker! The funny part is even some of the PUMAs agree.

    Heidi Li keeps promising to bring the professionalism to the pac, and at first she was a big hit. Remember the Denver group? At least she bought newspaper ads, even if they were batshit insane. But since then she’s failed to do anything productive, or generate any publicity other than press released carried automatically by The Earth Times.

    I see PUMAs now kindof rolling their eyes at Li, JD PhD, as in “I’ll believe it
    when I see it.”

  4. Putting your (dubious or not) (they usually are, though) creds after your every appearance/utterance/fart is such a classic chode move.

    –Dr. M.D. [brackets Miz brackets] Doctor, PhD, QED, RUQT, Esq.

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